Our People

Meet some of our personnel.


Tobhiyah Newell - Customer Care Manager

My role at Correct Safety is as varied as our clients. We are completely focused on height safety but when you apply that to all the different businesses we help - from shopping centres, warehouses, commercial offices to hospitals – no day is ever the same.

My team and our clients rely on me to make things happen whenever and wherever they are supposed to. That’s the magic I bring.


Karl Urquhart - Projects Director

Safety is a culture for me. At Correct Safety it is integral to our thinking, attitude and actions every day, as we work to protect people’s lives.

With nine years’ experience in the industry, I approach every part of a project with balance and pragmatism to help our clients get the successful result they want – and my previous experience in construction gives me valuable perspective on their concerns. I love seeing a project through to completion without any safety issues for the client or ourselves. This gives the client peace of mind and confidence in the completed project – as well as a more pleasant experience all round.

I find challenging projects exciting to be a part of. We strive to manage the complex needs of various stakeholders and complete the project successfully, applying innovative solutions and communicating constantly.


Athol Urquhart - Consulting Director

Having spent most of my career here at Correct Safety, I have been fortunate to have hands-on experience in every area of our business. This knowledge proves invaluable as we explore opportunities to improve height safety awareness across Australia.

I strive to offer the same premium level of service to every client – regardless of whether I am sitting at a boardroom table or walking a site with the building manager. I believe in pragmatic solutions that lie between the cheapest option which is neither safe nor practical, and the Rolls Royce option which offers little additional safety benefits. I find it very rewarding to continually develop tailored solutions that offer the perfect balance of compliance, cost, and ease of use.

Simon Bennett - Sales Manager

I believe everybody has the right to work in a safe environment, so I am honoured to be part of a team that strives to achieve this as part of their everyday work.

After seven years’ in the height safety industry with Correct Safety, I still thrive on developing innovative solutions to the complex issues that come our way. I find it very rewarding to know that my problem solving skills are making a very real difference to people’s lives – keeping them safe.

Martyn Powell - Engineering Manager

An engineer for 37 years, I am well equipped to address the unique technical challenges that arise at every site we attend. I welcome every new project as an opportunity to identify and assess potential hazards and risks. Working with our customers to understand the real day-to-day height safety needs of their business helps me recommend practical user-friendly solutions.

Like every member of our Correct Safety team, I take my role in protecting people’s lives very seriously. Every day I make the most of my moment to increase awareness of the very real danger of working at heights.